Management Body
Dr. Suresh G. Patil

Founder President M.G.S.M. Chopda.
Former MLA M.S.

Background :

A real Social Worker serving to community in real sense by providing patient care through multi facility hospital and Education to the masses through the organization.

Adv. Sandeep Suresh Patil

President M.G.S.M. Chopda.
Advocate ( Criminal Lawyer ), Senate Member- North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

Background :

Ex Gov. Public Prosecutor

A strong Congress Leader in Chopda Taluka Dist. Jalgaon,
Navigating all for social growth.

Sau. Ashatai V. Patil Vice-President MGSM Chopda
Dr. Smita S. Patil Secretary MGSM Chopda

Background :

A Vibrant Personality with balanced decision for equality.
Prof. Dr. D. A. Suryawanshi Designation : Principal

Joint Secretary MGSM Chopda.

Principal, Arts Science and Commerce College, Chopda.


Executive Committee
1  Dr. Dadasaheb Suresh G. Patil Founder President
2  Adv. Sandeep Suresh Patil President
3  Sau. Ashatai V. Patil Vice President
4  Dr. Sau. Smita Sandeep Patil Secretary
5  Prof. Dr. D. A. Suryawanshi Joint Secretary
6  Shri. Nitin Himmatrao Patil Member
7  Shri. D. B. Deshmukh Member
8  Shri. Suresh Sitaram Patil Member
9  Shri. Chudaman Hiraman Patil Member
10  Shri. Mo. Ibrahim Shekh Akbar Patel Member
11  Shri. Dilip Manikrao Patil Member
12  Sau. Sushama Subhash Patil Co-op Member



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