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We are very happy to our newly appointed Principal Dr. D. A. Suryawanshi is very interesting using Information Communication and Technology in the library so our college library has launch various services based on internet as like provide video on different subjects, electronic journals, e-books, e-databases and other web based information.

Dr. V. R. Kamble 

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Education is a life –long learning process .It is never ending. In the age of information and communication technology information is a dynamic and unending source that affects all disciplines and all walks of life as like education, economic, political, and medical and all discipline of human life. Information supports education, research and development. It improves the quality of life. Libraries are the sources for continuum education and are playing an important role in getting relevant information.
Arts, Science and Commerce College library is a mirror of college. Library is fully automated With the Vriddhi Software. Library Automation has facilitated easy browsing, reservation, ordering, maintain of periodicals, issuing, return, and fine management, write off materials, edit data and borrowing of Books. Library with two Floors and area of 512.00 Sq. meters is used to accommodate sections such as Stacks, Text Books, Reference Books, Circulation, Periodicals and Reference Section, Xerox Section Newspaper Section and Computer Browsing Section, Reading Room, Ladies room, Staff Section and other facility. Library has provide electronic video on difference discipline via epg pathshala, swyamprabha, NPTEL and other video download on YOU Tube gallery. Library department download more than 2000 video lecturers on various subjects and they deliver to the students and staff via using Information and Communication Technology.
In the modern information society libraries have a very vital and new role and there are various types of library models. In the modern information society, where the use of electronic services and Web-based information sources constantly increases such as electronic books, electronic journals, electronic videos etc. In the modern era libraries are open to all people so due to this process libraries are managed in a more democratic way, have more flexible communication system and work organization, and their service development is based on the quality and user-orientation of services


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