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   Library Hours:       Monday to Saturday:                           7.30 am to 5.30 pm

                             Before and During Examination Days: 7.30 am to 10.00 pm

Holiday:                All State Government holiday and Sunday

Library of Arts Science and Commerce College, Chopda is the Nucleus of the Teaching –Learning program. Though the collection is not large by number, it is rich in quality. It has crossed the number of books more than 60000. The basic function of any documents is the use and hence a user occupies important place in functioning of the library. Library helps students for their completed course. Lectures, laboratory and other instrument sometime these medium becomes unable to provide information to students that time library become very helpful for them.

The new technologies which are computer E-mail and telecommunication these media daily and continuously used in the library. Earlier all work of library done by manually for ex. Circulation, letter writing, management of files, list of readers, classification, cataloguing, management of periodicals, stock verification, ordering and approval system. Now a day all these works are completed or done by using computer.
We welcome the users of library services. A brief profile of the library along with services offered and important library rules are given herewith. It will help a reader to use the library effectively.

About Library

About the Library- The College library was established with the establishment of college in June 1969 Now, the library has Teachers Reading Section, Reading Hall for students with separate compartment are the main features of the library. More than 100 readers can sit and read in the library at a time. Two ladies room is the main features of our library. In the modern digital era all functions including in-house done by computers with the help of Vriddhi Software developed by Hindustan Computers Limited, Malegaon Dist- Nashik. Three separate computer systems has been provided for provide OPAC service to the students, staff and other members of library. Our library work is fully automated from 2012. The fully automated library inaugurated by our Secretary, Taisaheb Dr. Smita Sandeep Patil. Students can issue the books for home reading. Students can also issue separate books for reading in the reading room and can read there for the whole day. Some important books which are regularly demanded by students are kept in the reading room with open access. All subscribed Periodicals are kept on new display racks with old issues of those periodicals so that they can be easily accessed by users. 16 leading Newspapers have been made available in Library’. The Main collection is kept in the Stacking Hall with books arranged according to subject wise. Books arranged with the help of Colon classification Method Developed by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (Father of Indian Library and Information Science) Proper guidelines have been displayed on the Stacks to guide the users to search books. As per OPAC the total collection of the library is 60304 except Write Off materials and 52 Journals/ Periodicals/ Magazines are available in Library.

Librarian Desk
Staff Members

Library Committee

Library Committee is an advisory body to advise the authority on the policy matters relating to the management of the Library. The policy matters on which they make recommendations would include finalization of Library annual budget, sub-allocation of Library budget to different categories of expenditure like, books, journals required by each Department, and for equipment and staff requirement, etc. finalization of library rules.

Name of Member Designation Status
Dr. D. A. Suryawanshi Principal Chairman
Shri. P. K. Labhane Asst. Prof. Coordinator
Shri. D. S. Patil Asst. Prof. Member
Shri. D. B. Patil Asst. Prof. Member
Shri. V.D. Shinde Asst. Prof. Member
Dr. V. R. Kamble Librarian Member Secretary

Future Plan of Library and Information Centers

• To make use of open source tools for online education
• To organize online exhibitions or virtual book tour for patrons
• To install RFID Technology
• To take membership of more libraries and share their resources.

Library Rules

1. Readers have to sign at the register kept at the entrance before entering in the reading and periodical room.
2. A unique borrower number will be allotted to each reader who is eligible for home lending facility.
3. ID card will be issued to each registered user. User will have to produce this card at the time of each transaction. User should inform immediately in case of loss of ID card.
4. If a registered wishes to refer a reference book of the library in respective reading room, he has to make entry in the current register.
5. Library offers closed access for UG students and open access for the PG students and staff.
6. Student should always keep his ID card with him/her and should produce whenever asked for.
7. Students should produce the ID card at the book circulation of time.
8. Users are required to check the pages of the books while getting it issued. If any mutilation is observed after the issue, the user who is possessing the book will be held responsible and will be eligible for action as per rules.
9. Students have to return all books after examination.
10. Books taken under home lending are to be returned within 07 days for students. However if the documents are urgently required, Librarian can recall it. If book is retained beyond the limit mentioned above, a fine of Rs.01 per book per day will be charged.
11. When books are issued, students should check the pages of the issued books and if pages are found missing, they should report the same to the Library staff before leaving the counter. On returning the books if pages are found missing the last borrower of the book shall be held accountable for the missing pages and penalty will be levied accordingly.
12. Membership card is non-transferable. Students must not lend their Identity Card to any other student to borrow books from the Library. Library facilities will be suspended for students misusing cards.

Library Services

• Reference services
• Current Awareness Services
• Selective Diminutions services
• Cataloguing
• Inter Library Loan services
• Home lending Services
• Reprographic services
• Internet
• Information Extension services
• E-journals and books services
• Indexing services
• Audio Visual services
• News paper clipping

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