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           The Arts, Science and Commerce College has been established in 1969 in the month of June by Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Mandal,Chopda. It has been situated at the foot of the Satpuras, i.e. very close to the hilly area where the inhabitants then urgently needed education. The name of the tahesil is Chopda from the district of Jalgaon from the state of Maharashtra.

              The area had no college at all during those years. We may, therefore, claim solemnly that this institution was a unique and the first opportunity for the people to be enlightened with which the masses have made the most of by this time. The masses now educated would have been uneducated by now had this institution not been set-up.

The college offers education with 24 subjects at the general level and 12 subjects at the special level. There are 04 Post -Graduate departments being run by the college and 05 vocational courses are taken care of too. The teaching staff is fully equipped with the necessary training, qualifications and research attitudes as kept up in the modern times. 10 of the teachers have completed Ph.Ds.,15 of them have completed M. Phils, while 20 of them are busy with the research. The teachers view research attitudes, the notion of the social-service, students' welfare and morality as the parts and parcels of the field of education as stated by various educational committees and councils earlier. The staff thus is well-equipped with all the essentials needed for the best discharge of education. There are about 3000 students now studying with the college at the Arts, Science and Commerce wings of the college. It is with pleasure that we state that the enrollment of the students is above 2500 almost every year. The college has, therefore, set-up a fully-cultured library having 40000 books on various subjects and disciplines. The library has two reading rooms; one for the girls and the other for the boys. A separate row of the news-paper- tables has been provided for the students to read from. 12 multilingual newspapers are made available for the students to read and walk shoulder to shoulder with the progressive world even though they belong to the remotest area like Khandesh.

The college has active units of the N.S.S. and the N.C.C. in which many students enthusiastically participate; the college have to arrange the entrance tests while admitting the learner to these units almost every year. About 350 students are now the volunteers in the scheme of National Service Scheme and about 50 cadets make the unit of the National Cadet Corpse. These two units are a major power for the college and the region around. All the activities viz. academic and extra-academic have the fullest play on the expanse of 34.5 acreage. Besides, the college has Mahatma Gandhi Study Centre, Chanakya Competitive Examination Study Centre, Competitive Examination Cell [aided by the UGC ] the Earn and Learn Scheme, Remedial Coaching Scheme, the Indoor Stadium, the 400 metres' Running Track, Kho - Kho ground, the Kabbaddi Play-Ground, the Volley Ball Play Ground and the like. The learners let their abilities have a full swing on these play-grounds for the twelve hours of the day. Most of the students win for the college various awards from the tahesil, district, state and the university levels. The college has a boys' hostel and the girls' hostel with 20 and 25 rooms respectively. The students are served the lunches and the dinners both at the refectory which is located at the campus itself for the total convenience of the students. The college has a Canteen which serves refreshment, tea and the coffee with a descent manner with an eye on the cleanliness and sanitation. It is a need of the time to walk hand in hand with the modernization and its changes in the educational set-ups. So, we have computerized the workings of the library and the office; the college aims now to provide all the departments with computers' sets soon. The Sharbhang, the college miscellany, has been a special attraction for the townsfolk and the student-community as it is the mirror of what happens during the previous academic year. It is named after a greatest saint from the Satpura ranges.

                 This miscellany is full of creative writings by the students in regional, vernacular, Hindi and English languages. In order to make the students feel happy and energetic, the college has developed the best gardens all around it. The Indoor Stadium of the college is a fascination for those concerned with the college. It is precious and omni and hence invites many students for the exercises and daily practices.


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